F Visa

Academic Students

The F-1 visa category is reserved for academic students wishing to pursue a full course of study in the U.S. at an accredited university, college, high school, private elementary school, seminary, conservatory, or other academic institution, including a language training program. The F-1 status is valid for the duration of the course of study and students are eligible for certain employment authorization.

M-1 Visa

Vocational & Technical Students

The M-1 visa category is for students who intend to pursue a vocational, non-academic program (other than a language training program) in a SEVIS certified institution in the United States. Examples of vocational study are training programs for health care technicians, machinists, dental hygienists, and other similar pursuits.

J-1 Visa

Exchange Visitors

The J-1 visa category is for exchange visitors who intend to participate in an approved exchange visitor program for the purpose of teaching, instructing or lecturing, studying, observing, conducting research, consulting, demonstrating special skills, receiving training, or to receive graduate medical education or training. These programs are designed to promote the interchange or persons, knowledge, and skills, in the fields of education, arts, and science.

H-3 Visa

Nonimmigrant Trainee or Special Education Exchange Visitor

The H-3 nonimmigrant visa category allows foreign nationals to come temporarily to the United States as either a:

  • Trainee to receive training in any field of endeavor, other than graduate medical education or training, that is not available in the foreign national’s home country.
  • Special Education Exchange Visitor to participate in a special education exchange visitor training program that provides for practical training and experience in the education of children with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities

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